More support for Time Team ‘Dig for Mick’ Special

Time Team experts Helen Geake and Matthew Williams lend their support to the Dig for Mick campaign.

Anglo Saxon Archaeology expert Geake and Archaeologist Williams are the latest faces from the long running Channel 4 show to back a one-off special dig in honour of the late Mick Aston who appeared on the popular archaeology series for most of its original run.

Both Helen and Matthew believe a special for Mick would be a fitting tribute. However currently the broadcaster is only airing special editions of Time Time which contain no actual site excavations.

In other Time Team news the shows creator Tim Taylor has revealed the brand isn’t quite reserved to Channel 4 specials. The previously announced online series Dig Village is to be re-branded as Time Team’s Dig Village.

Well now they have announced that it will change it’s name & logo to ‘Time Team’s Dig Village’ So this gives the indication that Time Team is not Dead.

Paul Blinkhorn the pottery expert on Time Team noted on Facebook:

Dig Village’ has now changed its name. We are now officially ‘Time Team’s Dig Village’. Looks like TT is not entirely dead!

New logo etc will follow over the winter. The programme is not yet ready to be pitched to the channels, there’s a long winter’s editing to do yet, and maybe one more dig, so no idea if and when it will end up on TV. More news when I get it.

Recently Time Team presenter Tony Robinson stated he was backing the Dig for Mick idea and had been making moves behind the scenes to try and get the project off the ground.

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