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Channel 4 is set to showcase food television in a whole new light in a pilot programme, Beef.

“Beef is cooking on television as you’ve never seen it. It’s going to get fiery, hot, and will ultimately be one delicious hour of television.” – Kate Teckman, Commissioning Editor, Features, Channel 4

An ensemble cast of six of the UK’s hottest chefs, who all earn their crust on the British food scene, will be showing us how exciting cooking can get once they down tools in their own kitchens and join forces in an afterhours supper club. The chefs will grandstand their skills in an attempt to outdo each other; they all have one thing in common – a complete obsession with food.

In this electric atmosphere, our chefs will go head to head, taking on everyday ingredients – from chicken and beef to clams and rhubarb – and elevate them into seriously special and inventive new dishes – which viewers can easily replicate at home, gleaning new skills and tricks along the way.

Viewers will also get the full benefit of the chefs’ passions and skills as they introduce the most in demand new ingredients, techniques and culinary trends, take us behind the scenes of their respective workplaces and travel across the country to celebrate all things delicious.

Filming will take place at the legendary George Tavern in London’s East End and joining us for the episode will be the chefs’ kitchen brigades and an intoxicating line up of cocktails, mixed up by one of the UK’s brightest new drinks talents. The whole event will be sound-tracked with live music and a DJ.

“Mind blowing cooking, culinary tricks and food to die for, this is a show that will hopefully leave us all salivating.” – Will Daws, Managing Director, Plum Pictures

The pilot episode will air on Channel 4 in February.

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