Joanna Lumley to meet for BBC documentary, The VoiceJoanna Lumley to meet Black Eyed Peas’ singer for special BBC One documentary.

The one-off documentary will see Joanna travel to Los Angeles to spend time with, talk about his childhood and various projects he is involved with, including his role as a coach on The Voice UK.

Lumley said she’d been “fascinated” with the rapper after seeing him carrying the Olympic torch last year and wanted to find out more about his “extraordinary life.”

“In this very special documentary for BBC One, Joanna Lumley spends time with the intriguing, hanging out with his friends and family and delving into his background to find out just what motivates this extraordinarily driven individual who seems more than anybody else to define the pace, energy and creativity of the time in which we live.” – Charlotte Moore, BBC One Controller

The documentary will see return to his old elementary school, social housing projects of Boyle Heights where he grew up and speak about his success with the Black Eyed Peas and his relationship with US President Barack Obama.

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