X Factor’s decline highlighted at tenth birthday bash

Opinion Piece: Last night’s tenth birthday bash highlights X Factor’s decline.

X Factor Judges

The X Factor celebrated its tenth anniversary on Saturday evening although the nation’s eyes were on BBC One for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. X Factor’s birthday bash kicked off with Olly Murs, a star of the show who was runner up in 2009.

Seeing the past crop of stars such as Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke giving advice to this year’s contestants put into perspective how far the talent bar for the show has fallen over the years.

Even Joe McElderry, who to be fair has a fantastic voice and won in 2009, may not have had the best X Factor post-winning story, but he had the one great overall qualities you need to be a star – a voice.

The only mildly stand-out performance of the night was Sam Bailey, or ‘Screwbo’ as the press have dubbed her. She took on ‘Bleeding Love’, the number one smash from Leona Lewis. It’s widely speculated that Sam is the runaway favourite to win, and if she doesn’t well – such is life.

X Factor has struggled this year, constantly being beaten by BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing. Having made a few changes this year and bringing back the annoying Mrs O, the show still seems lost.

As a fan of the show for the past ten series, you do begin to question its relevance nowadays when you’re not even bothered who wins. Maybe the coin will flip next year and if it does, ITV will have to make sure it’s gold.

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3 Replies to “X Factor’s decline highlighted at tenth birthday bash”

  1. X Factor being beaten by Doctor Who and Strictly. Maybe it is time to give the show an overhaul and do away with the judges entirely and just have the viewers vote by phone and internet?

  2. It does prove if you ain’t in Cowell’s favs you’re just left to slide into oblivion. Mind that James Arthur also shows how these people need to be out doing small gigs like bands used to have to work their way up to get to know how to deal with audiences before becoming ‘over night’ huge ‘bubblegum stars’.

    His recent comments show he’s no ‘star’ even if he has ‘talent’.

  3. Biggest mistake they ever made was getting rid of Dannii Minogue from the panel IMO.

    It’s never been the same since.

    Can’t stand the squabbling, cliches, fireworks, shouting and screaming and the judges telling the contestants, many of whom can’t even sing on note that “you owned that song!”

    No programme can last forever and I really do feel that the X Factor has run its race 🙁

    Don’t think anything can now arrest its decline – not even the return of Cowell to the panel.

    Can’t believe ITV have signed up for another 3 years with this format. They should invest in developing some new shows!

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