Channel 5 open up Murder Files

The Murder Files is a new documentary from the broadcaster which explores some of the UK’s most recent major criminal investigations to unravel how police caught their prime suspect.

The four hour-long episodes look into the background of notorious criminals cases that shocked detectives and left an indelible mark on innocent families. With original police voice and video footage, expert analysis and exclusive interviews with relations and survivors, The Murder Files, delves into the dark and sinister world of some of the UK’s most infamous murder cases.

 “Our production team, led by the highly-experienced and award-winning Andy Webb, has secured inside access to four of the most difficult police investigations. We follow the twists and turns of each case, and see how the guilty men managed to evade justice. Each time, it was an unexpected breakthrough that helped to solve the mystery.” Executive Producer for Mentorn Media, Steve Anderson, said.

The Haircut Killer tells the story of Danilo Restivo, a double murderer, who stayed one step ahead of the law for almost 20 years. His crimes sparked a huge international manhunt in a killing spree which stretched from a seaside resort in England to a small town in southern Italy.

In The Schoolboy Assassin the murder of Orkney Island waiter, Shamsuddin Mahmood, is under the spotlight with Eddie Ross, the father of convicted gunman Michael Ross, telling his story for the first time.

The Sketchbook Killer is John Sweeney, described as handsome and charming, and a talented artist, and also a vicious serial killer who butchered at least two women over a 20 year period. He used his crimes for artistic inspiration.

Finally, in Killer on the Run, Neil Entwistle, a British-born computer scientist, who seemed to be living the American dream, is under the microscope when on January 20th 2006 his wife and 9-month old daughter were found shot dead in the family master bedroom, and Entwistle became prime suspect.

Michelle Chappell, Commissioning Editor of News, Current Affairs and Documentaries adds, “These are gripping detective stories, brilliantly told, and I’m sure they will satisfy the our viewers’ appetite for real crime on Channel 5.”

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