Stuart Linnell - BBCLocal BBC radio presenter Stuart Linnell has been injured after an incident involving a police car as he headed to work earlier today.

The radio host, who works for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and BBC Northampton, wasn’t seriously injured however has severe bruising to his lower back, pelvis and legs as well as sustaining cuts and bruises to his face.

According to reports Linnell was heading to host the breakfast show on BBC Northampton and at around 5.40am he was hit by a police car near to the corporations studios. He kept his followers up-to-date via Twitter of his care at the hands of the local A&E.

Speaking to the BBC he told listeners he would be back on air as soon as possible adding that he was ‘in one piece’ and was ‘having to take walking very slowly’.

One thing I’ve learnt is that a road is a very unforgiving place to land on.

Linnell hosts the early show on BBC Northampton for three hours from 6am, he also hosts a weekend progamme for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.

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