Telly Today: Highlights for Tuesday, November 12th, sees Moffatt family and the Himba tribe part ways, the Tyne Bridge forms an artistic backdrop, the England footie squad get a 90-minute celebration and there is a look into the world of the ‘gay slayer’.


The final episode of the series finds the Moffatt family and the Himba sharing one last week together.

Mark shows his appreciation to the village for their hospitality by throwing a traditional British BBQ. Scarlett and Betty discover that the intermittent drought, a regular feature of the environment, means the village are no longer able to grow enough crops and so the Himba women have to travel to the local town to shop for food.

Before they leave, the Moffatts try sleeping together as a family in a traditional village hut. The experience teaches them more than they expect about the resilient community spirit in the village.

The final night rapidly approaches and a party is thrown to mark the occasion followed by emotional goodbyes and the swapping of treasured keepsakes.

However, within a few days the house is dismantled at the request of the village and life for both the Moffatts and the Himba returns to normal.


Joan Bakewell and Stephen Mangan head north in their search for the next Landscape Artist of the Year, as the painters are challenged to realise the Tyne Bridge in the North East of England.

Connecting Newcastle upon Tyne to Gateshead, the bridge was opened in 1928 and his since become iconic to the local people. Geordie myth even claims it was used as a model for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, although the Sydney landmark actually began construction before the Newcastle structure.

Nonetheless, it goes to show how dear it is to the towns heart, and also to the rare colony of Black-legged kittiwake sea birds who have chosen to make the bridge their home.

ENGLAND’S GRAND, ITV and UTV at 10.45pm.

A little on the silver-wear light side in recent, er decades, but still there is national pride for the England Football Team who do try their best to bring home the trophies.

In this one-off special Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane and Ian Wright join a host of players, authors and experts for an A-Z journey through the history of the England football team even looking back into the long past of the 20th century when the squad was able to win the world cup. Last victory, 1966 in case anyone was unsure of the timescale.

Anyway there is still much to celebrate and this 90-minute documentary brings together never before told stories, anecdotes and unearthed archive in a celebration of the 147 years leading up to England’s 1,000th international match.


Criminologists, psychologists and detectives review the disturbing case of serial killer Colin Ireland, also known as the Gay Slayer.

After a severely dysfunctional upbringing and serving time in borstals and prison, Ireland began frequenting a gay pub in Earls Court, London. It was there he met patrons who had an interest in sadomasochism and would carry out a highly organised murder where he would accompany his victims back to their home, bind them, strangle them to death and clean the premises to remove any trace of forensic evidence.

In spite of this, he still sought fame as a serial killer, and would brazenly alert the media to his crimes.

HOLBY CITY, BBC ONE (England, NI and Wales) at 8pm

It’s episode 1001 of Holby City and a paranoid Jac (Rosie Marcel) feels she is the centre of hospital gossip when word spreads Emma (Darcey Burke) is now living with Jonny (Michael Thomson). As Elliot’s (Paul Bradley) concern for her grows, will he ever be able to tell Jac his secret?

After a few false starts Lofty (Lee Mead) is determined to be there for his new family, but as he, Dom (David Ames) and Helen (Verity Marshall), the mother of his unborn child, clash over the basics, will it be smooth sailing from here?

Sacha (Bob Barrett) is conflicted when his feelings for Essie (Kaye Wragg) bubble to the surface once more. But as it becomes clear Essie is on a different page when it comes to dating, will Sacha be able to move on?

River City, as seen on BBC Scotland Channel yesterday, airs on BBC One Scotland at 8pm.

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