CBB - CaseyCasey Batchelor has finished in sixth place in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother final.

Joining Emma Willis for her post-eviction interview, the glamour model said: “My only goal was to get to the final. I really wanted to achieve that. I’m the only model that’s ever made it to the final I think”.

Casey said she had found dealing with the Lee situation difficult as there was no escape from it in the house.

“The tension rises and rises until it explodes,” she explained.

Casey: “The thing with me and Lee is we just get on really well and we have great banter. That’s where the initial attraction started”.

Casey admitted that she found it hard when Lee moved on to Jasmine.

Asked why she went back to Lee following Jasmine’s eviction, Casey said: “This is my weak point in life. I go back to someone that hurts me”.

Casey concluded: “I don’t love Lee. From now we’ll just be friends – the turning point was when my mum came in [to the house] and told me what she told me… your mum’s never going to steer you wrong”.

Casey’s eviction leaves Jim Davidson, Dappy, Luisa Zissman, Sam Faiers and Ollie Locke in the running to be crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

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