Dappy - CBBCelebrity Big Brother runner-up Dappy appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning to reminisce about his time in the Big Brother house.

The N-Dubz rapper told Kate Garraway that he didn’t expect to make the final of the competition due to the perception the public has of him.

I didn’t think I’d get that far because going in there a lot of people had a misperception of me and certain groups of the media painted me out to be some sort of vile monster… I’m hard bodied on the outside but I’ve got a sensitive side too, everybody’s got a heart, it beats. I’ve got a family that love me at home and that’s what I think people didn’t really understand.

Later in the interview, he added that he hates that people judge him and hopes appearing on the reality show has changed people’s ideas about who he is.

Dappy said that he has a strong bond with Jim Davidson who won the reality show.

He’s like a father figure to me… he’ll be my friend for life. I haven’t grieved the loss of my dad so he taught me such a lot in such a short space of time.

Dappy also revealed that being in the CBB house allowed him to separate his real life and celebrity life:

Before I went into the house, I was always Dappy. At a young age my mum would say to me, ‘Come and eat as a family at the table’ and I’d say ‘No I want to eat in front of the TV’ and then when my dad died, I kind of regretted it. Being in that [CBB] house, it taught me how to separate Costas my real name to Dappy and that’s a great thing.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 8.30am on ITV.

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