X Factor winner Sam Bailey backs Daybreak mums feature

X Factor Sam BaileyX Factor winner Sam Bailey appeared on ITV’s Daybreak earlier today to launch the show’s ‘Mum’s Wildest Dreams’ feature. The feature asks viewers to nominate their mum and explain why they should have their dream made a reality this Mother’s Day.

Joining Lorraine Kelly and John Stapleton on the show, Sam told how she had put her singing dream on hold to have her children, Brooke, 8, and Tommy, 5. The 36-year-old mum said:

When you have small children it is difficult to leave them at home, I didn’t do it. I never wanted to go off and do the singing thing when they were real small… [but] it’s [the ambition and desire to sing] always been there.

On the moment that Sam felt her dream had started to come true she explained:

That first audition that I did in front of those four judges was the moment for me, because I had four people that were massive in the business, that knew the business like the back of their hand standing up and applauding me and I’d never had that, I’d never had that recognition from people of that importance in the business so I knew then, no matter what, I had done what I set out to do.

Speaking about her first phone call from Simon Cowell, Sam said:

I didn’t believe it was him at first, I thought it was Jon Culshaw kinda thing!” She continued; “I still can’t get my head around that he’s my boss!

Nominations for Daybreak‘s ‘Mum’s Wildest Dreams’ feature can be made via the Daybreak website: www.itv.com/daybreak

Daybreak airs weekday mornings on ITV.

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