Channel 4 highlights everyday mental health issues to mark World Mental Health Day.

“Channel 4’s award-winning in house creative agency 4Creative are responsible for the campaign” – Channel 4

Channel 4 has today unveiled an altered set of idents for its main channel that present the effects of anxiety, exhaustion, being withdrawn and overwhelmed in support of World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October.

The channel’s continuity announcers will reflect each mental health issue in their voiceovers of the films which feature Channel 4’s unmistakeable giant, made up of the broadcaster’s iconic blocks.

Viewers are encouraged to search online for Every Mind Matters if they need help or advice about mental health issues. The idents will air in peak-time from this evening, Monday 7th October, through to Thursday 10th October.

In other Channel 4 announcements the broadcaster has also unveiled a huge banner announcing its arrival in Leeds, the home of its new National HQ set to open next year. The banner adorns the site of the Majestic building in central Leeds, where Channel 4’s HQ will be based. The building is currently being redeveloped.

The banner will be in place on the Majestic building for two weeks. Until the new building is ready to open Channel 4 staff will be based at a office in West Gate.

“It’s great to be in Leeds. More staff are joining us all the time so the Channel 4 presence is growing each week and we’ve been given a fantastic welcome by everyone in Leeds and Yorkshire.” – Channel 4 Managing Director Nations and Regions Sinead Rocks

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