Wade, EmmerdaleEmmerdale star Fiona Wade has said there is a long journey ahead for her character Priya Sharma, who is currently battling an eating disorder.

Last night, viewers saw Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) confront Priya over her suspicions about her relationship with food and things take a worrying turn tonight when Priya is rushed to hospital with stomach cramps.

Discussing the storyline on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Wade revealed that there is a long journey ahead for Priya and that she has not approached the storyline lightly:

I think in last night’s episode and tonight’s episode as well you kind of see certain things happening to Priya and think, ‘Is it going to be a bit of a wake-up call for her?’ It is something she has been burying for a little while I think.


It is definitely a long journey for Priya. It is a serious issue as well so it is not something that is taken likely. Even though she might see that she has a problem, it is really getting through that and who she confides in and who she is going to let help her really.

On the research she has done into eating disorders in order to accurately portray Priya’s plight, Wade said:

I have been talking to an eating disorder psychiatrist consultant. I am constantly emailing him and ringing him every time a script comes through. It is an illness and it’s serious. I really wanted to do this properly.


It is just getting those little details and understanding really what is going on in somebody’s mind when they are going through something like that.


It’s great as an actress to get your teeth into something and I love being able to do that research and work hard on something, so it’s been really challenging.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.00pm on ITV/STV/UTV

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