ITV2 says No more Extra Time

Newcastle United: St Jame's ParkAfter several months of waiting ITV2 have confirmed, what was already suspected, that the Footballers Wives spin-off, Extra Time, has been axed.

The late-night spin-off, daring to be even raunchier than its parent show, was launched in 2005 to bridge the gap between Season Four and Five of Footballers Wives.

When Season Five launched earlier in the year Extra Time returned for a second 12 part show. Ratings for the spin-off were good considering it aired on ITV2, a minority channel.

After the axing of Footballers Wives, which ITV claimed was due to low ratings, there was hope amongst fans of Extra Time that the show could continue as it was virtually a new cast and show. But network bosses have chosen to retire the spin-off as well.

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