Police StationSome of Britain’s Most Shocking Crimes is to be investigated in Britain’s Darkest Taboos.

The third series will feature exclusive interviews with the family of murdered 12-year-old Tia Sharp; Gwyneth Swain, the Great-grandmother who lost three generations in an arson attack; and the family of Sylvia Fleming, whose murder in Northern Ireland sparked riots.

Over the eight part series the documentary aims to shed new light on some of the UK’s most disturbing headlines, CI takes a fresh look at cases that sent shockwaves across the nation in the highly anticipated third series of Britain’s Darkest Taboos.

In each hour long episode the team tak a fresh look at horrific cases, exploring the disturbing motives behind the criminal’s actions, and the devastating effect on those left in their wake.

From retracing the steps of Tia Sharp – the 12-year-old who was abducted and murdered in 2012 by her step-grandfather, Stuart Hazell – to the case of Kayleigh Swain who was killed alongside her mother and six-month-old daughter in a house fire attack, this series sensitively examines the timelines and repercussions of some of the UK’s most devastating crimes.

With heart-breaking accounts from close family and friends of the victims, other cases explored in this series include the chilling story of Michala Gol, who was stabbed to death by her husband as she lay sleeping in bed; the case of 17-year-old Sylvia Fleming that sparked riots in Omagh, Northern Ireland and the tragic circumstances of Kirsty Treloar, who was murdered by her controlling lover in front of their three-week-old baby.

The series features exclusive interviews, unseen police footage, archive news material, reconstructions and intimate witness interviews to reveal the tragic events surrounding these terrible crimes. In addition, Forensic Psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and Psychologist Emma Kenny provide expert analysis to show how the acts of one individual can send shockwaves through the lives of a community, as well as the nation.

Britain’s Darkest Taboos, returns on Sunday March 16th at 9pm on CI (Sky 553, Virgin 237 and BT 887/433).

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