Anne Nolan on CBB and reconciling with sisters

Anne NolanAnne Nolan has revealed that she would consider entering Celebrity Big Brother, despite having concerns about the way her sister Linda was edited during her recent stint on the reality programme.

Chatting to Kate Garraway on Lorraine earlier today, Anne said:

I don’t think I enjoyed [the last series] very much I’m afraid… I’ve spoken to Linda since she came out… and they just show the controversial bits.

If they paid me that much money I would [go in]!

On the estranged relationship she had with her sisters about five years ago, Anne said:

I’m happy to say that we’re now back together again and speak to each other all the time… I wrote them a letter saying ‘Look let’s just agree to disagree’… and Maureen and Bernie said ‘Yes we’d love to do that’ and then when Bernie got really sick afterwards, Colleen and Linda got back with us as well. It was a sad time.

Reflecting on the success of their band, Anne spoke about performing with Frank Sinatra:

He was just fantastic, now we’d heard a lot of bad stories about him… But he was lovely, he was great.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 8.30am on ITV

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