Dominic EastEndersEastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has said he is mindful that the show won’t look “pretentious”  as a result of changes to its set.

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Treadwell-Collins – who has been tasked with turning around the fortunes of the long-running BBC saga – revealed that he is keen for the show to reflect the modern world through changes to its exterior set.

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Expanding further on the planned changes, Dominic told Spotlight Podcast that he felt the show had been stuck in the late 90s:

For a long time it felt as though the show was stuck in the late ’90s and changes had to be made. Physically we have some new buildings, some new shops and one of our streets we’re going to ‘Shoreditch up’ a bit.


The trick is getting that balance between being current, and if you’re too accurate, you don’t want to put people off. Bits of Shoreditch are a little bit pretentious, and you don’t want the audience to think that about the show.


You want the audience to laugh about Sharon’s new bar, for example. You want the audience to want to go there, but also for it not to be intimidatingly try-hard cool.


We’re [also] trying to be a bit more diverse with our casting, and have the sounds of London a bit more. You can’t do it overnight – it’s a slow, slow process, but so far we’re doing a few bold things that will be on screen in the next month or so.

Treadwell-Collins also spoke of his initial approach to EastEnders and revealed that he joined forces with writer Daran Little to pen a story document for the show, whilst no Story Producer was in place:

I went back to the book written by Julia Smith and Tony Holland about the origins of EastEnders and looked at what they wanted EastEnders to be when they first created it. [Then] I looked at every single department and thought about what needed to change and who I needed to be in my team to change it.


When I started, for a period of time there was no story producer for a bit, so I wrote the first story document myself. I was still finishing off my old job and working on EastEnders in the evenings, and then I ended up spending a weekend with the writer Daran Little and writing the first story document.

EastEnders airs Monday (8.00pm), Tuesday (7.30pm), Thursday (7.30pm) and Friday (8.00pm) on BBC One.

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