Nico Mirallegro speaks about ‘Fat Diary’ bum double

Nico Mirallegro has revealed that a ‘stunt bum’ was used in recent episode of E4’s My Mad Fat Diary.


Nico Mirallegro has revealed to ITV’s This Morning in an interview Monday that he got to pick a ‘stunt bum’ as he did not want to use his own derrière in My Mad Fat Diary.

Speaking with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Nico said: “It was a stunt bum…and i had to pick it. I got six different arses to pick from and that was the best of a really bad bunch. It’s my body… just not my bum!”

Nico plays Finn Nelson in E4’s My Mad Fat Diary, starring alongside lead character Rae Earl, played by Sharon Rooney. The success of the first series took the cast by surprise Nico revealed as the show is very different to other comedy-drama’s previously screened.

“When you do a new series you don’t quite know how people are going to receive it and particularly because of the nature of the show. It’s a different kind of [show] which has never been on TV before…when it came out it was a huge success that we were all taken back by it.”

My Mad Fat Diary continues tonight at 10.00pm on E4.

Image © ITV / This Morning

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