Daybreak, edition oneITV has axed Christine Bleakley travel series Off The Beaten Track after just one series.

The programme saw the Dancing On Ice co-host visit an array of locations around the UK where she would immerse herself in local festivals and activities. Critics dubbed the series a rival to the BBC’s ever-popular Countryfile.

ITV launched the programme in November last year and it ran for six weeks.

The Mirror notes that executives have now decided to pull the plug after the programme failed to garner the audience expected of it.

It simply wasn’t as strong as similar rival shows, and there’s no chance of it returning.

It leaves ITV with a headache over what show to give Christine – and they really need to find a new format to suit her. At the moment there just isn’t an obvious vacancy. – ITV source

Bleakley joined the broadcaster in a £4 million exclusive deal which recently came to an end. However ITV seem keen to try and find at least one success for the presenter following low ratings for all the shows she’s presented so far.

Darling they have more chance of lifting the Titanic off the sea bed than ITV having a successful show fronted by Bleakley. – ATV Critic, Queenie Le Trout

Bleakley will present the final episode of Dancing On Ice alongside Phillip Schofield next Sunday (9 March). Viewing figures for the celebrity skating show dropped off a cliff after Bleakley replaced Holly Willoughby as co-host in 2012.

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