Birds of a Feather, ITV, ep1

Former BBC sitcom Birds of a Feather is to return to ITV for a second series.

The revival has proven a hit for ITV since its return to screens in January after an absence of fifteen years. The broadcaster confirmed on Twitter that the sitcom based around two sisters would be returning for another run.

 The show, starring Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson, originally aired on the BBC between 1989 and 1998 but has found a new audience on the rival network following the beeb only offering a one-off Christmas special.

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Quirke and Robson reprised their roles as sisters Sharon and Tracey, one well-off, the other on the breadline, along with their neighbour man crazy Dorian played by Lesley Joseph.

The series has been written by original writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran alongside writing duo Gary Lawson and John Phelps. Fremantle produced the series for ITV having taken over the original production company Alamo Productions.

We’re delighted Birds of a Feather was such a success on ITV and really pleased to be asked to write another series. We hope the further adventures of Sharon, Tracey and Dorien will continue to thrill audiences young and old – Maurice Gran quoted by The Mirror

A stage revival of the show starring Quirke, Robson and Joseph had proved a hit with theatre-goers leading to television interest. The new series proved a ratings hit for ITV with its return seen by 7.8 million viewers, peaking at 8.3 million.

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