Cheryl Cole on X Factor return: “There’s only so much begging one can take”

Cheryl Cole has spoken about her return to The X Factor in an exclusive interview with Daybreak.

The Girls Aloud star revealed on her Instagram page on Monday that she is re-joining the judging panel of the hit ITV show.

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell on Daybreak

Cheryl previously served as a judge on The X Factor UK between 2008 and 2010 before quitting to launch the American version alongside Simon Cowell. She was later dropped from the stateside show after only a few days filming, causing a rift between herself and Simon.

Cheryl was joined by Simon as she spoke to Daybreak‘s entertainment editor, Dan Wootton about her return to the talent show. She joked:

“There’s only so much begging one can take. It’s not nice to see a grown man cry so I finally succumbed.”

And on the famous friction between the pair, Cheryl told a story of how she got Simon back one day:

“I heard a rumour Simon didn’t want anyone to know it was his birthday which highly amused something inside of me so I found out from people – who I won’t drop in it – where he was, how long he was going to be there, was he there on his birthday and then I sent a plane across with a banner so I just let the whole place know it was his birthday, what age he was and I made it fly around the place the same amount of times as his age… I think the response was ’I-dot-am-dot-going-dot-to-dot-kill you but I was highly amused for a long time.”

Simon – who is also returning to The X Factor UK after three years working on the US version – reflected on their previous time on the UK panel:

“I have great memories of that [2010] show. I can remember the talent, I can remember the famous dress with the two discs, I loved it… We had so much fun then and I think the way things have worked out it, feels like we’re starting again coming back.”

Addressing his falling out with Cheryl, Simon admitted he was sorry:

“I’ve done this for a long time, you have fallouts along the way. I held my hands up and said I made a mistake and I was sorry and I was sorry and when I decided I wanted to come back, I also decided I had to have Cheryl back on the show.”

Speaking further about the fall out on Lorraine, he added: “If you work with somebody and you’re not comfortable to argue that’s a horrible way to work and we’ve always been that way, we’ve always argued but it’s being passionate about what you like and what you don’t like.”

Simon also opened up about fatherhood on Lorraine, following the recent birth of his son Eric:

“I haven’t gone near [a nappy] yet but he’s been amazing, everything happened really quickly, we took some time off which was fun, got to know him, the dogs got to know him and I was describing earlier on what my house is like now.


“It’s chaotic but fantastic, it’s great fun, so I wouldn’t change anything. I feel happy.”

Simon devised and launched The X Factor  in 2004 and served as a judge until 2010 before taking the format to America. The X Factor US failed to strike a chord with audiences and was recently dropped by Fox executives, bringing about his own return to the UK show.

Daybreak airs weekdays from 6.00am on ITV, Lorraine follows at 8.30am

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