London Live

London Live will go on air Monday evening in what is being touted as the biggest launch of a channel since Channel 5 in 1997.

London Live was awarded the broadcast licence by Ofcom following bids to operate the new local TV licence for London. The new channel dedicated to London will be available to over 8 million residents of London and the surrounding areas. London Live can be accessed on Freeview channel 8 and on Sky and Virgin Media.

London Live is operated by ESTV, wholly owned by Lebedev Holdings who publish the London Evening Standard and Independent newspapers. The studios of London Live will come from the offices of the newspapers.

The broadcaster has promised five hours of live news programming each day. London Live also acquired a number of programmes from other networks including the BBC Olympic comedy Twenty Twelve, ITV’s London’s Burning and Channel 4’s Peep Show.

London Live has commissioned a number of new shows such as a new comedy stand-up show fronted by Alex Zane and Not The One Show, broadcast at 7pm daily. The station will also have a live, 3 hour breakfast programme Wake Up London, fronted by Gavin Ramjaun.

London Live launches at 6.30pm

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