Comedian Jack Whitehall will return this summer for two specials of Backchat.

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The comedy chat show was a hit for BBC Three last year which features Jack alongside his forthright father Michael. The two specials will coincide with Father’s Day and the 2014 World Cup. Celebrity guests will include famous fathers and footballers for the special shows.

“Backchat was a big hit for the channel last year so I’m delighted that Jack and Michael are returning with two specials.” – Zai Bennett, BBC Three Controller

BBC Three also announced the return of the BAFTA award-winning satirical comedy series The Revolution Will Be Televised. The six-part series features Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein tackle politicians and celebrities and mock the world we live in.

Controller of BBC Three, Zai Bennett, announced the recommissions today along with a batch of new programming for the digital channel which will be moved to an online only channel next year.

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