Award winning and sometimes hard-hitting and controversial talk show host Jon Gaunt is returning to radio as he joins FUBAR. ATV Today caught up with Gaunty to talk about his new show on FUBAR Radio which launches on Saturday 10th May at 10am.

Jon Gaunt on BBC Politics Daily - 2011

What can we expect from your new Saturday show on FUBAR Radio?

Hopefully a fast paced edgy show with great guests and plenty of interaction from the listeners on the phones, text, twitter and Facebook. We will be discussing the big stories of the week and bringing the personalities who starred or created their stories to the Fubar mic and then letting the Gaunty audience have their say. But this is Fubar so it won’t be a dry pompous discussion hopefully we will be having plenty of laughs too.

Not just politics and news though we will be talking , football, sport, TV and entertainment, if it is in the news it will be on Fubar with `Gaunty.

You’ve built up a reputation over the years for saying what you think. Can we expect the same on your new show?

Yes of course that is the only way I know how to do radio! Some people call me a devil’s advocate but that is totally wrong. I only ever say what I think and what I believe and then I want the audience to have their say and challenge my beliefs.

Do you regret the Talksport ‘Nazi’ incident?

No not at all! Well apart from not being behind a mic for the last couple of years! But I am passionate about the rights and needs of kids in care and I think it is the height of Political Correctness to put the dangers of passive smoking above the rights of a child in care to find a loving family.

Many people agreed with me and I am pleased to see that in the following years a lot of the PC garbage around adoption and fostering have begun to disappear. Now don’t get me wrong I do not smoke and I don’t think you should smoke in a room with children BUT and it’s a BIG BUT we do not need Councillors or Government to dictate to us. The idea that if you smoke, or if you’re fat, or a Christian means you cannot adopt is shallow, stupid and fatuous. Kids are in much more danger left to rot in a residential children’s home.

You’ve said that we don’t need Ofcom as we all have an ‘off switch’, do you think Ofcom stops freedom of speech and discussion?

I just think that in the internet age it’s kind of ridiculous to have a nanny state regulator deciding what you can and cannot listen to. Why can’t people be trusted to decide what they want to listen to just as they decide which newspaper or internet site to look at? We need less regulation in the UK, not more.

What have you been up to since you were last on radio in 2010?

Well I spent about 18 months developing SunTalk radio with the Sun Newspaper and I was delighted to be awarded the British Press Award for Digital Innovation for that work.

In many ways SunTalk was ahead of its time but the technology and the internet has now caught up and Fubar is proof of that. The growth of internet radio is a real radio revolution and I a pleased too be a part of it. I have been doing a lot of TV and radio guest spots as well as running my own PR and media training company working with a wide variety of clients across the UK.

I have also recently been running an Internet T shirt business with my family

Have you given up on a career in politics?

Well I flirted with the idea of standing as an UKIP Euro Candidate but I didn’t match up to their “rigorous Standards!” But seriously I think my role as a Talk Jock is to stand outside the Westminster Greenhouse lobbing bricks at it rather than trying to join it, so yes I guess I have given up on a career in politics.

FUBAR is an online subscription radio service. Will the audience be getting value for money?

Let’s be honest that is down to us presenters and producers to produce compelling content that is worth paying just 10 pence a day for! And from what I’ve heard so far we are doing that but of course it will be difficult to change people’s habits.

In our unregulated station you will hear real comedy, uncensored and uncut and real opinions from real people free from PC tosh.

I love the idea that as presenters we can forget about impartiality and also forget about balance and just say it as we see it. I am sure there will loads of things that I say that other presenters on Fubar will disagree with and the same with me and them but that is the beauty of the unregulated world. That is what will make Fubar not bland and that is worth three quid of any ones money per month in my opinion.

The Jon Gaunt Show will launch on Saturday 10th May at 10am.

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