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BBC One has commissioned a one off programme that sees Dom Littlewood and Cherry Healey attempt to transform the driving habits of two British motorists whose terrible driving is putting both themselves and the public at risk.

Nominated by family members or friends, the two drivers will undergo tailor-made driver training leading up to a skills test.

The show also includes unique access to the police unit that specialises in analysing the causes of serious incidents on our roads and explores the science behind bad driving and, using fun and engaging ‘real world’ experiments, reveals what we all need to know to be safer on the roads.

“Viewers have always found bad driving on television an interesting and amusing subject to watch, and while I hope this show will sometimes make the audience smile, it will also spotlight some of the very real dangers of bad driving and make us more aware of our terrible habits.”


– Alison Kirkham, BBC Head of Commissioning Factual Features and Formats

The programme has the working title So You Think You Can Drive and will be produced by Outline Productions for the beeb.

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