Best on the Box highlights for Saturday October 19th.

One to Watch: The Wall, BBC One at 8.30pm

Tonight Andy and Diane, a couple from Bolton, take on The Wall in a bid to walk away with some serious readies. But with a show with so many twists and turns, they could be left with nothing.

Hosted by EastEnders star Danny Dyer, The Wall is the ultimate combination of strategy, knowledge and luck, and will see the questions voiced by TV legend Angela Rippon.

Wildly unpredictable with heart-stopping jeopardy, The Wall gives and The Wall takes away. Expect colossal wins and heartbreaking losses – this new game show can change people’s lives in an instant.

Casualty, BBC One at 9.20pm

Archie (Genesis Lynea) is shocked when Vincent (Tim Woodward) returns to the ED (Emergency Department).

It’s apparent that Vincent has become increasingly paranoid following the acid attack. As Archie’s guilt returns, she considers whether she should come clean and admit that she poured acid onto his car. Will (Jack Nolan) advises her against telling the truth, as it could put her career in jeopardy – but will she listen?

Rash (Neet Mohan) and Mason (Victor Oshin) struggle to put aside their trust issues as they work together on a complicated case. Things are made worse when Rash discovers that Mason has been making mistakes which Rash has been taking the blame for.

Ethan (George Rainsford) finds himself under further pressure from Theo (Jim Sturgeon) to make sure Effie (Abigail Hardingham) is on the promising CF (Cystic Fibrosis) drugs trial.

The X Factor: Celebrity, ITV, STV and UTV at 8.30pm

Superstar judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh continue tonight to oversee the celebrity acts on ITV’s new take on the music talent show, The X Factor.

Rebranded for the proceedings as The X Factor: Celebrity, or as everyone else calls it Celebrity X Factor, names such as journalist, Martin Bashir, Talk Show host, Ricki Lake and The Chase regular Jenny Ryan take on reality star, Megan McKenna, model and actress, Hayley Hasselhoff and even groups made up of names such as Samira Mighty, Zara McDermott, Wes Nelson and Eyal Booker from Love Island.

The new-look show brings together stars from the worlds of music, film, sport, television and social media as they compete to win a life-changing recording contract. Mr Saturday Night himself, Dermot O’Leary, will be on hand to provide support and oversee proceedings.

You may think you know the celebrities, but prepare to be surprised as they leave behind what made them famous and turn their hand to singing. Only one act can ultimately be crowned our champion, but who will it be?

Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Edwardian Cardiff, Channel 4 at 7pm

If you fancy something a bit more intellectual Channel 4 gets historic. Professor Alice Roberts tells the story of key periods in British history through the stories of individual towns and cities.

She tells the tale of Edwardian Britain by visiting Cardiff, a place that grew rich selling the fuel that powered the British Empire. Alice hears the stories of the Edwardian miners and their backbreaking and often dangerous work, while from the sky aerial archaeologist Ben Robinson discovers how the collieries of the early 1900s transformed the Rhondda valley.

With the ‘black gold rush’ elevating a privileged few, Alice visits the trading floor where the first million-pound cheque was signed. Slipping into a corset and frock, Alice experiences the life of a lady of leisure and wanders the Edwardian gardens of a stately manor.

Global shipping routes and plentiful employment ensured that Cardiff drew migrants from all over the world, and Alice meets the descendants of this pioneering multicultural city.

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