Hollyoaks suicide attempt storyline revealed

Hollyoaks-mediumHollyoaks character Esther Bloom will attempt to take her own life in an upcoming episode following months of bullying.

The teenager, played by Jazmine Franks, has been subject of a vicious bullying campaign by her peers since last year and events will soon come to a head.

The teen saga has been working with the charity Beat Bullying, in order to try and raise awareness of the issues highlighted, particularly cyber bullying. The show has also worked with Samaritans to try to ensure that the storyline is approached responsibly.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for anyone affected by the issues raised to seek help and support from BeatBullying, Samaritans or any of the hundreds of support networks available.” – Franks

The episode airs Monday 21st January, 6.30pm, Channel 4.

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