Tanya Franks has returned to EastEnders, her alter-ego making an unpublicised reappearance in Walford during tonight’s episode.


Rainie was seen paying Ian (Adam Woodyatt) a visit at his restaurant who, earlier in the episode, had been snubbing calls and messages from a contact named ‘R’.  

Over the past few weeks, Ian has been in contact with this mystery person and has also been economical with the truth regarding his whereabouts on the night his daughter Lucy was killed.

Part of the mystery was solved in tonight’s episode when, after coming face to face with Ian, Rainie told him: “Seeing as you have trouble picking up the phone, I just thought I’d make it easy for you and drop by.”

“It never rains but it pours for Ian! Having received numerous texts and phone calls over the past couple of weeks, it has now been revealed that the mystery sender was Rainie and now she’s back. But why has she returned and what does she know about Good Friday that Ian is so desperate to keep quiet?” – EastEnders source speaking to RadioTimes.com

In an interview with the EastEnders website, Franks said: “It’s like coming home. I love Rainie, she’s such a cool character.Let’s just say it’s kind of something to do with the murder. I can say that we’re going to have some Ian stuff, some Phil stuff [and] some Cora stuff.

“Rainie is a troubled soul, so there will be a little bit of trouble somewhere down the line. I’m absolutely thrilled to be back.”

Drug and alcohol addict Rainie – aka Tanya Branning’s sister – has previously appeared in the show for several stints between 2007 and 2011.

EastEnders continues tomorrow at the earlier time of 7.00pm on BBC One when viewers will find out what Ian has been up to with Rainie.

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