EastEnders, Danny Dyer, Mick Carter

Danny Dyer has dismissed claims that he recently cheated on his long term girlfriend.

The 36 year old actor reportedly spent the night with a 21 year old student whom he met in a night club, according to The Mirror over the weekend.

The news led to Dyer pulling out of a book signing in Kent and whilst apologising over the matter on Twitter he used the hash tag #lies in reference to the report.

“Sorry 2 those who came 2 blue water today. I feel terrible. My family want 2 thank the Sunday Mirror 4 making this the best day ever #lies”Danny Dyer

Dyer has been in a relationship with Joanne Mas – whom he recently described as his “f****** rock” –  since 1995 and the couple have three children together.

The cockney actor, who is currently starring in BBC One’s EastEnders, has admitted to being “tempted by forbidden fruit” and cheating in the past.

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