Agnes Brown looks set to host her own chat show on BBC One following on from the success of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Mrs Browns Boys Ep2A

The Sunday Mirror reports that the BBC are hoping to get the “wheels in motion” for Mrs Brown, played by Brendan O’Carroll to front a new chat show in the same vein as Mrs Merton, played by Caroline Aherne in the 1990s.

A source told the paper: “Agnes Brown is irreverent, outspoken and ­incredibly nosey – perfect qualities for a chat-show host. It’s a fantastic idea and seems like a near-certain hit on paper.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys first aired in the UK in 2011; following a steady growth in popularity it now attracts audiences in excess of 11 million. Its Christmas special last year recorded an official rating of 11.52 million viewers.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie was released nationwide last week, proving a box office success.

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