Three new housemates have entered the Big Brother house as ‘Armageddon Week’ gets underway. ATV Today takes a look at who has ventured inside…

Emma Willis Big Brother 2014


Big Brother Summer 2014The 29 year old musical theatre star from Durham may be a familiar face to viewers as she was a finalist on the first series of Pop Idol. She describes herself as a ‘real life Pocahontas’ and a ‘massive joker who lives and breathes music’. Zoe tries to avoid negativity as she believes ‘you’re born and you die and it’s all about the middle bit and what you do with it’.

Zoe thinks her best personality trait is being funny and having a ‘good energy which can lift other people’s moods’. Her worst trait is that she gets bored very quickly and has ‘absolutely no patience’. She has a preference for men with tanned skin, dark hair and tattoos, and previously dated Big Brother winner Anthony Hutton for six years.

Zoe has no prior experience of living with people and can’t imagine sharing a house. She sees herself as ‘a gay man trapped inside a woman’s body and thinks she will make a fun, energetic housemate.


Big Brother Summer 2014The 31 year old stripper from Essex previously gained media exposure after admitting to sleeping with in excess of 200 men on a TV documentary that later led to an appearance on This Morning. Her party trick is ‘always getting my tits out’ and her idol is Katie Price, who she would like to play her in a movie of her life.

Biannca can be very opinionated and says, ‘The main thing I am passionate about is whether you are a woman or a man you have a right to be with whoever you choose, male or female and you have a right to walk with them hand in hand down the street. I would really clash with anyone who disagreed with this’.

Biannca is currently single and hoping to find love in the house, however she admits to being motivated by money and blames this on her star sign. She has been watching the current series of Big Brother and likes Mark and Winston, but she is wary of Helen who can behave like a bitch. Biannca feels she has a good chance of winning because ‘even though people won’t want to like me – they will.’


Big Brother Summer 2014The 22 year old property manager from Essex has been billed as ‘cheeky, resourceful and tactile’; he has a traditional Sikh family and is keen to show the world that ‘Sikhs are liberal loving people who know how to have fun’. Pav says he has come from a ‘good, honest and hardworking background’ and has been taught to respect everyone.

Due to his beliefs, Pav has never cut his hair and has always worn a full turban when out socially. Pav is currently single and says ‘Put a few hot girls the house please, you can’t wa*k over a personality”.

Pav gets on well with fun, level-headed people. He thinks he would get on particularly well with Mark as he is always looking for fun. Pav is 100% certain that he will win the show because he’s genuine and he will be doing it for the Sikhs.

The three new housemates entered the house following Marlon Wallen’s surprise eviction, after he received the most nominations over the weekend.

Prior to them entering the house, Big Brother told the existing housemates that they will all, except Helen, face the public vote this week. However, this was a lie and in the diary room Big Brother informed the new housemates that they will have the power to decide who is evicted on Friday.

That’s not all as Emma Willis then informed the viewers that the three newbies themselves aren’t guaranteed housemates and that one of them will also be out at the end of this week, with the result to be determined by the public vote.

Big Brother: Armageddon Week continues tomorrow at 10.00pm on Channel 5

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