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Trevor McDonald is to delve into the world of the American Mafia in his next factual outing for ITV.

The Mafia with Trevor McDonald follows the presenter as he explores the lives of individuals heavily connected with the organised crime network.

Throughout the two-part series he will meet ‘made men’ who climbed to the top of the hierarchy, undercover law enforcement figures, individuals who manages to break out and the families of those involved.

Each sixty-minute instalment has been produced by Plum Pictures – with filming taking place in New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Southern California.

“This is one of the most challenging series we have ever made. The people we feature have led some of the most extreme and extraordinary lives of anyone I have ever filmed.” – Series director for Plum Pictures, Stuart Cabb

The series was commissioned by ITV controller of factual Jo Clinton-Davis and director of factual Richard Klein.

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