S Club 7 sparks reunion rumour

ATV Today - ShowbizHannah Spearritt tweeted this week that she would be meeting up with her fellow bandmates, sparking rumours that S Club 7 are to reunite.

Since the group split up last decade, rumours have always circulated that the pop band would be reuniting, despite denials from bandmates. Spearritt’s latest tweet mentioning meeting up with the other band members, which includes Rachel Stevens and Jo O’Meara.

The group burst onto the pop scene in 1999 with their hit song Bring It All Back. S Club 7 reached their younger fans by being at the centre of their own children’s series Miami 7. They went onto have several number one hits, their most famous being the 2001 now party classic Don’t Stop Movin’.

Bookmakers Paddy Power has opened up the betting at odds of 1/3 that S Club 7 will get back together by the end of this month.

“We don’t need to panic just yet, at odds of 200/1 for the band to snatch a Grammy next year the chances of the re-union lasting much longer than the average Katie Price marriage is looking pretty slim!” – Paddy Power Spokesperson

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