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Channel 4 has announced a new celebrity-fronted game show, Time Crashers.

The format will see famous faces compete to be crowned the ultimate ‘Time Crasher’ as they crash through time to another era and take on a series of challenges.

“With Time Crashers, we’ve commissioned a highly innovative fusion of entertainment and British history that will appeal to a broad TV audience.” – Head of Entertainment for Channel 4, Justin Gorman

Stripped across a single week, each programme will find eight celebrities waking up somewhere in Britain, having “crashed” into a different time from the past.

The eight well-known faces will have to assimilate fast to perform well in the respective challenges as, at the end of the week, only one can be crowned the ultimate Time Crasher.

Wall To Media and Group M Entertainment will collaborate on the project for Channel 4, with production earmarked to begin in March 2015.

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