Telly Today: Monday 11th November highlights include our regular visit to Shieldinch, a gong show and a look inside the world of retail outlet Amazon.


Last night ITV viewers were treated to the first episode in this two-part series that takes two of the network’s most favourite presenting duos on a journey back into their family history.

As their travels take them to Ireland and the US, including The United Nations Headquarters, the pair will not only delve into their past but will also meet relatives they had no clue even existed, unveiling some truly shocking revelations that only their DNA could unlock.

As Ant and Dec embark on their journey, viewers will be treated to a rare and personal glimpse into this truly remarkable friendship with their warmth and infectious humour that has not only captured the nation over the years, but has seen them achieve huge success resulting in a multitude of awards and accolades.

And despite some recent difficult times, the one thing that always shines through about the pair is they seem genuinely nice lads.

ON ASSIGNMENT, ITV and UTV at 10.45pm. STV at 11.10pm

Rageh Omaar returns with the second episode in this run of On Assignment. Tonight the current affairs series looks at the tourist industry surrounding the Chernobyl incident and how in Denmark children are being put top priority in divorce proceedings.

This year Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident, will become an official Ukrainian tourist attraction. Neil Connery visits the defunct nuclear reactor, while survivors  give their take on Ukraine’s booming ‘disaster tourism’.

In June Chennai, India’s sixth largest city, reached day zero – it ran out of water. Juliet Bremner joins the locals battling over precious supplies and looks at some of the solutions put forward by authorities, including transporting five million litres of water a day by train, from more than 100 miles away.

And a new divorce law in Denmark is forcing families to put children first. Kylie Pentelow travels to Copenhagen to see if a new course and a three-month cooling off period before separations are finalised could help divorcing couples.


There has been, it is fair to say, negative press about Amazon and its warehouse operations in the tabloids over a number of months now – so much so you may have seen the recent adverts promoting the fact if you want to find out more about the company you can now go on a tour of their facilities and stock centres.

So just when they seemed to be making moves to show the company in a new ‘we love our staff’ light along comes Channel 4 with an investigative documentary about the online sales site as part of their Dispatches strand.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world – one in three online purchases are made through its site. The company even a past sponsor of Channel 4 programming including The Great British Bake Off. They have become a 21st century Woolworths during its most successful era – a place where you can easily find almost anything you want.

As the busiest time of the year for retail approaches reporter Sophie Morgan investigates Amazon’s unstoppable growth.


Now here’s a people’s vote everyone can get behind.

The People’s Choice Awards returns for the 45th edition of the annual event, to toast the world’s favourite pop culture icons, with a bevy of awards
being doled out for the year’s biggest movies, TV shows, music acts and personalities.

The E! Live from the Red Carpet team will be reporting live before the event as the stars and superstars arrive, then catch all the thrills and excitement of the show itself as the award ceremony and live performances are shown live on Sky One and E!


Tonight in Shieldinch Stevie and Poppy’s romance gathers momentum, but his business connections to Lenny prove problematic for his lawyer girlfriend. Stevie lies to Poppy, telling her the work he does for Lenny isn’t dodgy.

Behind Poppy’s back, Stevie works hard to prove he’s Lenny’s rightful heir by keeping the business running smoothly. However, when he hears one of Lenny’s business associates has been found dead, Stevie suspects someone close to the Murdochs has blood on their hands. Stevie visits Gordon Harris in jail and is shocked to discover the truth – that Lenny is now a target.

Later, when Poppy bares her feelings for Stevie, he decides he must walk away from the Murdoch Empire. But first, he needs to save Lenny. Elsewhere, Caitlin’s not keen to celebrate her 40th birthday but Ellie, Maggie and Ruby have other ideas. When Ellie reveals a letter that a 16 year-old Caitlin wrote, Caitlin realises how different her life actually turned out, making her feel unfulfilled.

Desperate to lift Caitlin’s spirits and mark her big birthday, the McLean family join forces to make her birthday bucket list come true. Bob’s plans to enjoy a quiet day to himself are thwarted by family obligations. Things go from bad to worse when the McLean’s birthday celebrations cast a shadow with only Nicole there for him.

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