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ITV has announced a new drama written by Matt Charman and starring Sheridan Smith.

Described as a riveting thriller, Black Work tells the story of Jo Gillespie, a policewoman who sets out to uncover the truth behind her husband’s murder.

Indie Mammoth Screen, whose previous credits include Endeavour and Parades End, will produce the multi-part drama for the broadcaster that was ordered by Director of Drama Commissioning, Steve November and Controller of Drama, Victoria Fea.

“We’re delighted to be working with Sheridan Smith again and with the hugely talented Matt Charman.  Black Work is a high stakes drama which sees Jo risk everything in search of the truth.  It’s a risk she’s prepared to take but it threatens to destroy both her family and career.” – November

Across three parts, viewers will see Jo struggling to cope after her husband Ryan, an undercover cop, is shot dead in mysterious circumstances. As Jo attempts to find the person responsible, she finds herself conflicted after growing close to one of Ryan’s colleagues, adding to her family’s strain.

“Sheridan Smith is a dream to write for because as an actress there’s really nothing she can’t do. And Black Work is a story that pushes her to the limit – it makes her character, Jo Gillespie doubt herself, her family, her friends, everything she’s always taken for granted in her search for her husband’s killer.” – Charman

Filming on the drama is expected to begin later this year in Leeds.

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