Channel 4 announces new factual series ‘Teens’

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Channel 4’s factual department has announced a new series about teenagers with a specific focus on their digital lives.

In Teens (working title) twelve participants will provide the broadcaster with access to their texts, tweets, Facebook updates, videos and phone calls in the year they turn 17.

Filmed over the course of one school year, the series will offer a unique insight into how the teens live and relate to one another in the ‘real’ world and online at a time when their lives are rapidly changing.

With constant coverage from their mobile phones we have access to every moment of drama – drunken misadventures, relationship meltdowns, falling in love for the first time and revising for exams. The multi-media content is seamlessly integrated into the documentary to enhance, contextualise and exaggerate the lives of the Teens – just as it does in real life. – C4 Press

The six-part series will be produced by RAW and is expected to transmit later this year.

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