Simon Cowell talks X Factor return for Cheryl

ITV  X Factor

The artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole aka Mrs Fernandez-Versini aka lovely hair because she’s worth it is, is one of the 2014 judges on ITV’s singing contest The X Factor. Simon Cowell has been talking about the singer and judge ahead of the shows return at the weekend.Speaking to the Radio Times music mogul, and fellow judge, Cowell got in early with the catting comments usually saved for tone-deaf wannabes auditioning for the talent show.

He said of Cheryl’s new name, following her recent marriage, that it was a tactict to become a ‘one-name’ pop star.

“I can’t remember her new surname to save my life. I thinks she’s married someone with a surname you can’t pronounce so she will become ‘Cheryl’ like Madonna and BeyoncĂ©.”

On her ex-husband footballer Ashley Cole he added he never saw any sexual chemistry between the pair and saw them more as brother and sister. And he never had urges to stroke her  L’Oreal endorsed bonce.

“She’s a beautiful girl, but not really my type. I certainly didn’t think I was her type. I don’t look like a Premier League footballer.”

On The X Factor itself Cowell added,

“I’ve got to be honest as a singer she’s very good, but she’s a better judge.”

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