Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014Stephanie Pratt has become the fourth celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The reality star faced the public vote alongside Audley, Edele, Gary, James and Kellie, following face to face nominations on Wednesday.

Stephanie left the house to a positive reception from the crowd and told Emma Willis “It was like walking into a party. I like being evicted.”

On why she may have been voted out, Stephanie said: “I’m sure it got really annoying to watch my germ problems. I would hate me. It’s full on in that house.” Stephanie added that she had “grown as a person” in the house and had come to terms with some of her germ phobic tendencies.

Of the tension between herself and Gary, Stephanie explained: “I was actually the most excited when I heard that he was coming into the house [but] he’s just really mean. Gary is not a good person [and] he’s really manipulative.” However, she admitted that she regrets losing her temper with Gary during last week’s face to face nominations.

Addressing her relationship with George, Stephanie said: “I love George as a friend, a very very dear friend. I just don’t look at him like that.”

And on the situation between Audley and James, she commented: “Audley he erm says a lot of things to stir the pot and wind people up. They’re both really nice. I think it’s just they have a past from Strictly.”

Following Stephanie’s interview, Kellie became the series’ fifth evictee.

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