Kellie Maloney fifth to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014Kellie Maloney has become the fifth celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The former boxing promoter faced the public vote with Audley, Edele, Gary, James and Stephanie following face to face nominations on Wednesday.

Joining Emma Willis for her post-eviction interview, Kellie said: “I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I really hope the British public have learnt a lot about the transgender issue and they will accept me and respect me when I go out into the public, and not only me respect other transsexual people.” Kellie added that she has come out “feeling completely fulfilled” and that the her time in the house has been interesting.

“I actually think he’s a lost soul. He admitted being a dancer that he was called a lot of names [and] that he was criticised growing up. Before I left he came up to me and gave me a cuddle, and said ‘Do you know what, you’re an amazing person Kellie, things that’s happened in the house have just been in the house, I really would like to meet you outside’. We shook hands and we buried the hatchet. James is just James, he might come out a better person like I’m coming out a better person.” – Kellie on her up and down relationship with James Jordan

Kellie said that Gary is the “most disliked” housemate, adding that “he’s quite rude [and] has upset a lot of people.” She went on to praise Dee, Lauren and Edele, describing the trio as “very helpful”. She said of Dee: “She’s very motherly, she’s fantastic [and] she held the house together. I think there’s a lot more of Dee that the public aren’t seeing, and she cares about all the house people.”

“Lauren helped me so much with my make up. She said we’re gonna go out and build a friendship when we come out, she talked to me about dates and things like that, which is a little bit off my agenda at the moment. They were all fantastic. To be honest all the housemates were good, Edele was lovely as well, she’s a very sweet girl.” – Kellie speaking about Lauren Goodger

Kellie explained that she “wasn’t happy” when she first entered the house but has come out “a very strong person”.

Kellie was the second housemate to leave the house in tonight’s double eviction after Stephanie Pratt was evicted earlier this evening.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9.15pm on Channel 5.

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