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Channel 5 and MTV UK is to air 10,000 BC the first co-commission between the two broadcasters following the purchase by MTV owners Viacom of Channel 5. The series sees a group of twenty step back in time and attempt to live as ‘stone age people’.

“This is a remarkable fusion of social experiment and living history, it brings to Channel 5 the best of both worlds in one unmissable series that finally makes history fun and gives entertainment a purpose.” – Simon Raikes, Commissioning Editor, factual Channel 5

How have we changed as humans since our ancestors first settled in these islands? What, if anything, is different about how we eat, live, and play? About how we think, feel and get on with each other? What would happen if you took modern humans out of the 21st century and transported them back to the Stone Age…?

Twenty men and women from every conceivable walk of life in modern Britain, are about to find out – the hard way. They have agreed to give up everything – possessions, technology, their home, creature comforts, ready meals, water on tap and their privacy – all to live in the wilderness as a Stone Age community.

Many people fantasise about living in a simpler age, but have no real sense of what it would be like – or how they’d cope. Using the lens of the Stone Age to strip away the trappings of contemporary life, this series will give viewers the chance to see what happens when modern people are laid bare. With their true selves revealed, beneath millennia of civilisation, it will be impossible to look away.

This programme is about exchanging modern life for a prehistoric one and to take stock of how our lives have changed. Has it all been for the better? Either way, it’ll be a highly emotionally charged roller coaster ride….tears, tantrums, laughter and joy, every day, 24/7.

These men and women will be going back to basics – big time. They’ll be hunting animals, foraging for food, subsisting on whatever they can scour from their environment. They’ll be cold, hungry, scared and pushed to the limits of endurance. They’ll have no one but themselves and each other to help get them through.

How will they fare? What will this demanding, exhilarating experience make them (and the audience at home) realise about 21st century life? – Channel 5

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