James Jordan has finished in third place in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother final.

As the former Strictly Come Dancing pro joined Emma Willis for his post-eviction interview, he revealed that he doesn’t “particularly like” either of the remaining two finalists [Audley and Gary].

After being shown a clip of himself winding up the other housemates, James said “Listen if they’re too serious that they can’t take a bit of banter then that’s their problem, not mine. They’ve gone into the Big Brother house, they should know what Big Brother’s about, if they take themselves that seriously f**k ’em that’s what I say.”

James added that he hadn’t crossed a line in the house as he’s “not a malicious person” and does everything in jest. He also maintained that everything he had said about Lauren was true and praised Ricci as “one of the nicest people you will ever meet”.

Discussing his rivalry with Audley, James said “Audley kind of has a big attitude, the way he speaks to people, he demands people to go and do this and go and do that, how about please. In that house you have to be a team player, there’s a way of speaking to people and if someone speaks to me in a bad way you’re going to get it back.”

James added: “What’s the worst that he can do, he’s a professional boxer, he might knock me out but I’ve been knocked out before.”

James’s eviction leaves Gary and Audley in the running to be crowned the winner of summer Celebrity Big Brother.

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