BFI Southbank at Night

The BFI’s three-month blockbuster season, Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder presented together with O2 will be touching down at BFI Southbank this autumn with an out of this world programme of screenings and events.

Sci-Fi will celebrate cinema’s most spectacular and visionary genre, exploring how the fear and wonder at its heart continues to inspire. The season will be presented through three key themes: Tomorrow’s World, Altered States and Contact!

Events highlights in October and November will include the UK Premiere of Future Shock! – The Story of 2000AD (2014), looking at the huge influence of the weekly British sci-fi comic, award-winning author William Gibson, credited with the creating the term ‘cyberspace’ and a key influence on Sci-Fi film culture, will take to the stage for a keynote talk on Science Fiction in Cinema.

On the 16th of November 1974 an encoded radio message was transmitted into deep space by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, fusing together scientific and cultural essentials into a simple pictographic puzzle that any intelligent life form could decode. BFI Southbank will mark the 40th anniversary of the Arecibo Message with a special event with Dr Adam Rutherford and Professor Brian Cox, which will be followed by a screening of the highly underrated Sci-Fi thriller Contact (1997).

Further special events will include a look back at The Hunger Games (2012) and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), before a screening of the brand new installment in the series The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014), which will screen on the 22nd of November. To mark the re-release and Extended Run of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey BFI Southbank will host a panel discussion, recorded for BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking. Hosted by Professor Matthew Sweet, the panel will feature stars of the film Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood, plus Professor Brian Cox and Sir Christopher Frayling. The panel will explore the film’s potent and enduring influence on art, culture and science and will discuss how Kubrick created the ultimate ‘fear and wonder’ film.

The events programme will be complemented by a series of talks in the BFI Reuben Library with esteemed panellists exploring a variety of themes within Sci-Fi cinema. These will include Architectural Visions of Sci-Fi Cinema, Robot Designs, Female Robots in Sci-Fi Cinema, Time Travel in Sci-Fi Cinema and more. There will also be exibitions across the three months including an original shooting script, which includes extensive shooting notes, deleted scenes and unique Polaroid photographs, for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Selected pages and photographs from the script will be on display, exploring the style of the film as well as the highly-skilled work that that went into creating one of the most enduring and influential Sci-Fi films ever made. Other items on display comes from productions including Metropolis, Things to Come, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.

A full listing of events and dates can be found at the BFI Online.

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