PETA street art

Street art pioneer Dan Witz has teamed up with PETA to bring to life Macca’s famous message ‘If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would Be Vegetarian’

Taking inspiration from Paul McCartney’s now-iconic quote, celebrated street art pioneer Dan Witz is collaborating with PETA on a new campaign which seeks to bring the matter of the billions of animals who are killed each year for food out from the shadows and into the public eye.

Sir Paul McCartney on Daybreak 2013The project, titled “Empty the Cages“, consists of dozens of pieces of art featuring Witz’s signature trompe l’œil style placed throughout London. Each piece is fitted with a quick response code which automatically directs mobile phone users to a new PETA website where they can watch an exposé of the meat industry narrated by McCartney.

A fan of Witz’s art, McCartney described the project as “powerful” and “a really brilliant idea” and is “proud” to have inspired it.

“When PETA UK invited me to partner with them on the ‘Empty the Cages’ project to raise awareness surrounding animals raised for food and their dire plight, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. If encountering my pieces brings this topic to anyone’s attention, then art matters, because life matters, and I’m satisfied.” – Dan Witz

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