Lady Gaga spoke to Good Morning Britain today about moving away from her pop career and revealing her true voice for the first time.

Speaking to ITV’s Richard Arnold, Gaga, who was chatting alongside Tony Bennett, said of collaborating with the crooner:

“I’ve been waiting for this moment and I was excited to be rebellious against my pop career.”

And on the trumpet tattoo she had on her arm which Tony Bennett drew, the singer said:

“I wanted to remember this moment forever… I wanted this [tattoo] to be the biggest because for me this is the biggest moment in my life.”

And on happiness, Gaga said she is in a very good place:

“I’m very overwhelmed, I have mornings when I’m not quite sure what to do with my nerves and I think it’s also because people are hearing really my true voice for the first time so I feel very vulnerable.”

Speaking about her relationship with the legendary 88 years old, Gaga said:

“I’m really grateful to [Tony] for personal things… I think I sing better on stage with Tony even than I do in the studio.”

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