Lynda Bellingham contacted Loose Women today and said she was overwhelmed by the support she had received following her decision to end chemotherapy in November.Country House Sunday, ITV, Lynda Bellingham

Lynda announced her cancer was terminal yesterday. On the ITV talk show today, Coleen Nolan revealed that Lynda had hoped to phone into the show but her chemotherapy prevented her from doing so, Coleen said: “They were being very uncooperative at the hospital and they wouldn’t let her interrupt her chemo to make a phone call!”

Reading a text on Lynda’s behalf, Coleen said: “Oh my goodness, how embarrassing! That so many people have bothered to show their support. I have chemo today so will be sitting in my chair. Bless you xxxx.”

Commenting on texts that Coleen and Lynda had been sharing since the news, Coleen said: “Lynda is still being Lynda. Her texts are so funny and dry humoured. You can’t help but respond to that, she’s still very upbeat. She’s a fantastic lady.”

Lynda Bellingham on ITV's Loose Women, 2010

Talking about how organised Lynda was about the situation, Nadia said: “This is typical Lynda – the organisational level. Years ago, I worked with her and she was so busy. We were in a sitcom. She was running all sorts of different businesses, children, family and she never stopped from morning to night – always making sure that everyone was happy. That woman can juggle plates like nothing you’ve ever seen!”

Referring to 15,000 messages of support that had been sent into the show, Ruth said: “Linda it’s been thousands, it’s been overwhelming. It’s been the biggest response we’ve had to anything on our facebook page and the entire history of Loose Women actually. It’s a very brave decision you’ve made.”

Later on in the show, Lynda emailed the Loose Women: “Hi all you gorgeous ladies, speaking to you from my lovely chemo chair, sucking up the drugs! Thank you, thank you so much for the support, you have no idea how much it means to me. But please understand I am in a good place. It is essential to feel you have some control of your life. Anyone in the same position as me is often on the toilet!”


Lynda continued: “Grasp it all, don’t be afraid, enjoy the bits you can and tell your family you love them while you have the chance. Again thank you for all the years of support you have given me. You are the Loose Women and we are the best!”

Introducing a montage of Lynda as a Loose Woman, Ruth – visibly moved – said: “We couldn’t let today go past without having a look at your best bits and you always gave us a great laugh.”

Lynda Bellingham, ATV's General Hospital 1972Pictured: Top Lynda Bellingham on ITV series Country House, Pictured Middle: On Loose Women and Pictured Bottom: as Nurse Hilda Price in ATV’s General Hospital serial.

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