E4 is opening the doors to a pop-up tattoo parlour with a difference. With three of the most talented tattoo artists in the UK at its helm, this parlour specialises in fixing and transforming the most extreme tattoo disasters into walking works of art.

With young Brits being amongst the most tattooed in Europe, it is no surprise that one in six reportedly regret their ink. In the series ‘The Tattoo Shop’ E4 will showcase some of the UK’s more regrettable tattoos and delve into the stories behind how they came to be a very permanent fixture.

Whether it be the name of an ex, a misspelt phrase or a badly drawn image chosen in haste, help will be on hand with the E4’s team of three talented expert tattoo artists. Each client who comes to the pop-up parlour will have a consultation with the artists who will then offer their own unique ideas and designs to transform the tattoo nightmare into a work of art. The client will then be able to choose the design and artist they most want to fix their hated body art.

At the end of each episode, the finished transformation will be presented to the client for the first time in a big reveal as they see their new and improved body work for the first time.

No air date has been set for the series, with the broadcaster simply noting it will air ‘soon’.

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