The latest episode of BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who pulled in nearly 5 million viewers according to early overnight figures.

Warning: Contains Mild Spoilers.

The creepy episode, Kill The Moon, had overnight ratings of 4.8 million viewers, the episode was written by Peter Harness and guest-starred Hermione Norris. As the title of the episode suggests it was set on the moon, in the mid 21st century, with location filming taking place in Lanzarote.

Kill The Moon saw companion Clara (Jemma Coleman) face a dilemma as the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) left her, Courtney (Ellis George) and Lundvik (Hermione Norris) to decide the fate of humanity and the Earth in the mid 21st century.

ATV Today critic Queenie Le Trout said of the episode “It was wonderfully dark, creepy and atmospheric though I wasn’t keen on the spiders. The Doctor’s actions in this episode were far beyond what we have seen before. It was a corker of an episode unless you don’t like spiders, in which case, watch from behind the sofa!”

The Doctor Who production crew teased the episode would feature the Doctor return to the scene of a previous adventure with fans assuming the story would be a sequel to the 1984 serial Planet of Fire, starring Peter Davison, which was also filmed in Lanzarote. However, the moon has been the setting of several previous Doctor Who stories such as The Moonbase and The Seeds of Death both of which starred Patrick Troughton.

While some tabloids may be quick to claim that the viewing figures for Doctor Who are falling, that is not correct. Overnight figures have been around the 5 million mark – as they were for the previous season – while final figures have seen ratings rise by as much as several million. The final figures do not reflect viewers who watch the episodes via the BBC iPlayer service which often sees requests of over 1 million per episode.

Doctor Who continues next Saturday, on BBC One, at 8:35pm.

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