UKTV LogoUKTV’s Yesterday has announced a new thirteen part series Secrets of the Bible.

Adrian Wills, General Manager for Yesterday, ordered the series which is planned to air in early 2015. The channel has also obtained Raiders of the Lost Past the stories of daring, dramatic and dangerous searches for some of history’s most legendary and possibly non-existent hidden treasures.

‘Secrets of the Bible and Raiders of the Lost Past feature fascinating true stories that Yesterday viewers will love. Many of us know about the miracles written in the Bible and have heard about the mysteries and legends surrounding hidden treasure, but would like to learn more. Both these series will allow audiences to become absorbed by these ancient tales and provide a fresh and engaging perspective.’ – Adrian Wills

Secrets of the Bible, focuses on explorers on a mission to uncover the truth behind extraordinary biblical events. Whether motivated by faith, greed, evil or curiosity, these people have dedicated their lives to these impossible quests. Stories in this series include the search for the legendary Ark of the Covenant, the hunt for the Tower of Babel, and the investigation into the mystery of how the Israelites parted the Red Sea.

“Many of the extraordinary band of adventurers featured in Secrets of the Bible have dedicated their lives to prove the scared testaments are true; and have put a lot of effort into researching them. These films show what they uncovered”- World Media Rights Creative Director, Matthew Barrett.

Yesterday currently reaches 12.88 million viewers a month. In 2014 World Media Right’s second series of Black Ops performed +55% on its slot average and Ancient Black Ops was up +26%, and +200% with the 16 – 24 year old audiences. The two new programmes bring 26 hours of added factual to the channel.

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