Former Good Morning regular Julie Peasgood and Pet Rescue host Wendy Turner Webster are to become ‘Crafty Beggars‘ for TLC.

Crafty Beggars takes two pairs of craft enthusiasts who are set the ultimate crafty challenge over a two day period. On the first day each team is given a few hours and a small budget to buy, borrow and beg all the items they need to produce a range of handmade crafts that are good enough to sell. The contestants must use all their ingenuity to gather in all the raw materials required for the job and then engage in a frenzy of activity making their products that afternoon (and through into the night!) On the second day the teams arrive at their pop up stalls in a busy town centre to sell their crafts side by side to the public. The winner is the team whose handmade crafts make the most cash.

“We are thrilled to be both presenting and producing Crafty Beggars for TLC. It’s the first show of its kind on UK TV and it’s been a real pleasure to work alongside our programme sponsor, Hobbycraft, in getting the show to air. Crafts is a rapidly growing market which spans a startlingly large demographic yet it has never enjoyed a TV platform which reflects this fully‚Ķ until now!” – Julie and Wendy

The series is produced by Good Turn Productions which was formed in 2013 and is owned and run by Julie and Wendy. Best known for her starring roles in Emmerdale, Brookside and Hollyoaks, Julie is a talented and enthusiastic crafter. Wendy is best known for hosting Channel 4’s Pet Rescue and Absolutely Animals and she shares Julie’s passion for making wonderfully crafty creations.

Crafty Beggars begins on TLC from Monday 3rd November.

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