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Oil-and-scandal drama Dallas won’t be moving to Netflix following its cancellation by TNT.

Earlier this month cable broadcaster TNT announced it was not renewing Dallas for a fourth season. The news came shortly after the third series of the drama concluded its run. The cancellation wasn’t all that surprising given Dallas’ struggle in the ratings but TNT had already spent money on a fourth series ordering scripts to be prepared for a possible pick-up.

Dallas producer Cynthia Cidre has confirmed that a fourth series of Dallas has already been storylined with several scripts already written including the season opener. The pre-production work already completed on Dallas means if it were picked up production could start very quickly.

Fans of the drama are hopeful that that fact, and the brand name, will attract another broadcaster to pick up the series. Producers Warner Brothers are pitching the show to other networks but Cidre has revealed that the streaming series Netflix won’t be one of them.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, about the axing of Dallas, Cidre revealed just why a Netflix deal was not plausible;

“I wish that were the case, because that was absolutely everybody’s first thought, but unfortunately I don’t believe that our foreign deals allow that. A streaming service is not compatible with our foreign deals, unfortunately, because those deals are all very profitable, and the rest of the world loves Dallas. So I think we’re looking at cable. There’s CMT, there’s Reelz, there’s WGN, there are a lot of possibilities.”

The respected Dallas website Dallas Fanzine has reported that amongst the broadcasters being approached to pick up Dallas is CBS; the home of the original series from 1978 and 1991.

A fan petition to save Dallas has amassed over 72,000 signatures, as of the weekend, and the cast of Dallas, including original series stars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, support the campaign to save the series.

You can sign the Save Dallas petition here >>

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